How to Set Up A Tackle Box

Fishing is an ideal sport for people leaving near water bodies such as big rivers, lakes or beaches as well as friends and couples on holiday trips. Popularly known as sport fishing, its motive is pleasure, relaxation and sometimes competition and not subsistence or commercial fishing.

How to organize a tackle box

There are regulations monitoring the sport which include prohibition of using nets and non-mouth hooks. Terminal tackle are normally employed to complement the bait and assist individuals in fishing. All the fishing equipment and baits are stored in a tackle for safe keeping and handling. After buying the ideal tackle box, organization of the tackle box is quite a task to some people. In this article we answer the question “How to set up a tackle box?” which may be lingering in your mind.

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Winter Camping Clothes

Here are a few of the clothing items I think are essential for winter camping. While I am a big fan of “miracle fibers” (read that: Gore-Tex and fleece), there is a lot to be said for the old standards, like wool and even, to some extent, leather and cotton.


Let’s talk about the cotton for a second, since I can hear some of you laughing already. Any experienced backpacker/climber/outdoorsman knows that cotton is a useless fabric in most situations. As the old maxim says, “cotton kills”… and that’s certainly true in temperatures near and above freezing . However, in deep cold conditions — the real FUN stuff — cotton makes a useful, breathable outer layer. Then again, I wouldn’t take it mountaineering: if you get it sweaty (wet) it’s a problem, and its insulating properties are zero. So while its value is limited — most importantly, don’t use it for insulation (chamois shirts and cotton socks are out) — it may have a place on your pulk or toboggan.

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How to Tie Fishing Line to the Line

Albright Knot

The theme tying hook to the line and line directly to the line always has been and will be relevant. Each generation of fishermen faced with this problem and do not always have someone to teach and suggest how to tie fishing line to the line. This article will teach you how to tie fishing line and line and show the most reliable and simple ways by binding grove. One of these methods – node Albright . One of my favorite sites, primarily because of its reliability, and of course the simplicity and ease of execution. As an advantage of this assembly is that the node can bind different line diameters and even different structures – i.e. that node can associate with a conventional twist line, and the like.

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Winter Camping Gear – The Ten Essentials

The number-one essential is a water bottle/blivet/canteen. Assuming you’ve already got that, we can proceed.

Don’t go anywhere, anytime, in any season, without the Ten Big Ones. Bring them on every 3-hour dayhike. Put them under your pillow at night. Live with them. Learn them. Love them.

Make sure you learn how to use all the different parts in a controlled situation, before all your carefully-laid plans have gone south. Necessity may be the mother of invention – and desperation must certainly be the grandaddy – but trying to learn in an emergency situation is a recipe for disaster.

(NB – there are many different versions of the ten essentials; these are what I personally would not get out of bed without.)

So, without further ado, I present to you…


The ten essentials:

  1. Knife
  2. Matches
  3. Flashlight
  4. Extra Food
  5. Extra Clothes
  6. Space Blanket
  7. First-Aid Kit
  8. Map/Compass
  9. Candle or Firestarter Blocks
  10. Water Purification Tablets or Filter

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How to Choose A Spinning Rod

Spinning is a very important step for the novice spinner. But the variety of spinning tackle is impressive and very confusing to a young angler. Different length, structure, spinning class — so many characteristics that sometimes even the most experienced spinner, not immediately able to make a choice. Indeed, the choice of spinning depends on what fish you plan to catch, even probably not, from what bait you will be using.


But most importantly, remember, first of all spinning should be comfortable, easy and sensitive. Good spinning you will feel like your own hand, it is easy to notice the strike and even touch the bait to the bottom. Fishing quality spinning reel brings the most pleasure from fishing. Do not take heavy, low-quality gear, fishing which will bring pleasure except in case of a strike will occur after each throw, and then, for good spinning fun it would be much more.

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